Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution can apply for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. Women must document their lineage back to an ancestor who aided the cause of American independence. These efforts may come through military, civil, or patriotic service and must occur during the period between 19 April 1775 (Battle of Lexington) and 26 November 1783 (withdrawal of British Troops from New York).

Members of the Louisiana Purchase Chapter NSDAR are descendants of the following Revolutionary War patriots. Patriots with an asterisk (*) behind their name are the ancestor of two or more chapter Daughters. We would love to add your patriot ancestor to our list.

Service Legend: non-military - CS Civil Service, PS Patriotic Service;
military - CAPT Captain, CORP Corporal, LCOL Lieutenant Colonel, LT Lieutenant,
PVT Private, SGT Sergeant, SOL Soldier (rank not specified)
Patriot's NameServicePatriot's NameService
ConnecticutPennsylvania (cont.)
Ebenezer ScovellSGTHans George MockPVT
LouisianaChristian Seabaugh *SOL
Amable Guion *PSBernard Van HornPS
Joseph Alvarez OrtizPSEnoch VarnumPVT
Charles VallePSLeonard WelkerSOL
Francois Valle *PSPennsylvania & Virginia
MassachusettsWilliam Drennan *PVT
Lot BassettSGTRhode Island
Jeremiah Howes *LTJesse JenksPS
MarylandSouth Carolina
Thomas SwearingenPS, PVTJames ClintonCAPT
North CarolinaWilliam DrennanCS, PS, SOL
Jacob Cook *PVTWilliam GastonPVT
John PattersonPS, PVTWilliam Hamilton *CS, PVT
Henry Rhodes *LCOL, PSThomas McClurkin *PVT
Peter Seitz CAPTPeter Pinnell *PVT
William TappPSVirginia
William Whitfield, Sr.PSJohn BallSOL
Mandley WinsteadPVTGeorge BreedingPS
Samuel WinsteadCS, PSWilliam BrownPVT
Jacob YountSOLJohn CappLT
New HampshireWilliam Curry *PS
John HuckinsPSJeremiah Early, Sr.PS
New JerseyJoshua EarlyPS
Jacob EoffPSMaxcey Ewell *PS
Benjamin Van LeerPSWilliam GriffinPVT
New YorkAugustine Leftwich, Jr.CAPT
Lewis BarhydtPVTAugustine Leftwich, Sr.PS
Cornelius ChristiancePVTThomas LeftwichCAPT
John Baptist ClutePVTJoseph LettsCS
Peter ClutePS, PVTNicholas Lewis *COL, CS, PS
Abram Van EppsCAPTJohn LoughridgePVT
Jellis Van VorstPS, SOLJohn MarshallCAPT
PennsylvaniaSamuel McCallSGT
Sebastian A Allgaier *PVTJohn McCutcheonPVT
Nicholas BuckPS, PVTGeorge PointerPVT
Philip ColeCOL, PSPeter PolleyPS, SOL
Joseph CouchPVTZephaniah RatcliffPS
Nathaniel CouchPVTHenry Rule, Sr.PS
Hugh CoulterPSWilliam Simpson *PVT
Robert CraigCAPTJosias StonePS, SGT
Alexander EddyCSChristian VineyardPS
John Goodwin *PVTJohn WhitledgePS
John HartleyPVTVermont
James Ingalls *PVTStephen DelanoCS
William McCoyPVT
Daniel McCreadyPVT